Selling a Business in Florida

Wow!  Businesses for Sale in Florida can be exciting!  Yes, the economy suffered, housing crashed, but a lot of businesses thrived.  Why?  Lower overhead and extremely pro-business State Taxes are only a few examples!

So, if you want to Sell a Business in Florida and desiring top-dollar from the buyer of your business,  read on!  Yes, you've probably seen some tough times.  In fact, your mind may only think about the hardships.  That said, you have some GREAT things to offer potential buyers, above and beyond your business!

Highlight the Benefits

Owners seeking to sell a business in Florida should take time to highlight some of these pro-business facts, along with the details of their business for sale.

  • Limited Corporate Taxes
  • Reasonable Consumer Sales Tax
  • No Personal Income Tax
  • Road and highway infrastructure makes it easy to travel
  • The state puts a lot of energy in attracting tourism
  • Housing is extremely affordable
  • Awesome night life for an Owner to relax
  • Great Dining experiences from Sidewalk to Fine Dining
  • ...and... Who doesn't love the beach?!


Of course, your business should be marketable.  If you are selling a business, make sure you've prepared your financial documents for the past 3 years, assembled some history on the business, it's founding and the strong points it enjoys in the market.  Buyers love it when the current owner expresses things they would have done differently.  This is due to your intimate knowledge about your business, it's weaknesses and market potentials.

Business Valuation

You will need a reliable valuation for the business for sale, so buyers are confident in the asking price you are trying to sell the business for.  This is a point when a Broker, Consultant or Business Appraiser will come in handy.

Once complete, take some great photos into a listing or portfolio to share with persons you know that may be interested.

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